Environmental, Social, and Governance

Partnering to Protect People and the Planet

Enabling a better quality of life by acting responsibly and preserving our world for future generations.

Our Commitment

We believe that our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) program not only serves our community and the environment that we live in, but drives a more sustainable culture and production operation.

Building a Healthier Future

Avid’s commitment is to integrate the environment, our people, and our community as pillars of our ESG program.  We are constantly challenging our teams to identify continuous improvements to drive these strategic initiatives that can improve these pillars of our program.

Commitment to the Environment

Sustainable Procurement

Avid has an important duty to not only comply with all legal requirements but also to ensure business responsibility. Building a network consisting of ethical, reliable and dependable partners is crucial to our success.

Energy & Climate Change

Embarking on a journey towards sustainability, our company is meticulously examining its greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. With a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility, we’re forging sustainable goals aimed at reducing our ecological impact. 

Waste Reduction/Recycling

Avid is dedicated to effectively managing waste to protect our employees, neighbors, and the environment. We have put controls and programs in place to reduce risk, reduce waste to landfill, identify all recyclable waste, compost all food waste, and convert our medical waste into energy.

Commitment to People

Supplier Code of Conduct
Supplier Code of Conduct
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging
Modern Slavery Policy
EHS&S Policy

Our Impact on the Community

Local Volunteering

Our team recognizes the importance in giving back to our community and regularly participate in local beach clean-up events.

Internship Program (STEM)

Avid has established relationships with local colleges and universities to offer hands-on work experience for students enrolled in any STEM-based major.

Patient Impact

Avid's goal is to provide high quality drug substance to our clients - ultimately serving the patients in need.

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