Flexible Solutions.

We provide our clients flexibility by offering endless options, and work with you to align timelines.

DS Line 2 & 3 - Mammalian Protein CGMP Manufacturing Facility

With over 20,000L of bioreactor capacity, this state-of-the-art biomanufacturing facility is outfitted with cutting-edge, single-use equipment to accommodate a fully disposable biomanufacturing process for clinical and commercial production of biologics.

DS Line 1 - Mammalian Protein CGMP Manufacturing Facility

Licensed for commercial manufacturing since 2005, this facility has bioreactor capacity ranging from 100L up to 1000L, for stainless steel and single-use.

Mammalian Protein Process Development Facility

Our PD laboratories support your research and development needs, process and analytical development, technical transfer and scale-up and optimization.

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