Joseph Scott, MBA, Ed.D

VP Supply Chain

Joseph Scott has over 20 years of leadership experience in the pharma industry.  He started his career in Research after receiving his BS in Cell and Molecular Biology and then obtaining an MBA in Supply Chain Management. The last ten years of his career include four years leading Supply Chain Operations at Biogen Idec’s Denmark facility and most recently, six years directing the Supply Chain team at Gilead’s La Verne facility.

At Biogen Idec’s Denmark facility he led the Supply Chain function for the startup location including setting up the warehouse from the ground up.  After completing the setup, he hired a warehouse manager and focused on developing procedures and best practices. Prior to that he worked as Senior Supervisor for Manufacturing Operations and Manufacturing Compliance and as such, led the warehouse optimization.

At Gilead he specialized in Transition Planning and Operational Readiness and was responsible for the manufacturing site facilities, warehouse operations, materials management operations for both the San Dimas and La Verne locations, including the distribution of Gilead’s U.S. commercial & clinical finished goods.

In 2021, Joe received his Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership, focusing his dissertation on the characteristics of frontline workers in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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