Myford Facility

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Myford Facility

Added in 2016, Avid’s state-of- the-art clinical and commercial facility is located adjacent to Avid’s HQ in Orange County, CA. This manufacturing facility provides our partners with the resources and expertise to advance their programs from early-stage development through commercial production.

A range of innovative features are incorporated into the suite including monolithic modular clean room walls, dedicated support utilities for each key processing area, and the industry’s most advanced single-use production systems. Uni-directional process flows separating personnel and materials provide assurance that the design meets the most stringent regulatory requirements for commercial biologics API manufacturing.

  • Flexible single-use platform options
  • Modular cleanroom technology
  • ~42,000 ft² equipped which includes utilities, QC labs, and a warehouse
  • ~42,000 ft² expansion space
  • Potential to rapidly expand 2-3 times the current capacity, depending on client demand

3D Facility Tour

Single-Use Bioreactors

Our flexible manufacturing scales provide multiple solutions for all project types. We offer multiple disposable platforms in both upstream and downstream processes.

Myford Facility Bioreactor Capacity
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