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Bringing Excellence in Manufacturing & Quality to the Rapidly Growing Cell and Gene Therapy Market

An image showing a facility employee working with bioreactors at Avid Bioservices' new viral vector & adenovirus manufacturing facility in California, USA
An external image of the Avid Bioservices viral vector manufacturing facility in California, USA
Invested $75 Million into the future of Cell & Gene Therapy

We've expanded our CDMO service offering into the rapidly growing cell and gene therapy market. 

The company constructed a world-class, purpose-built 53,000 sq. ft. viral vector development and CGMP manufacturing facility in Costa Mesa, CA.

Purpose-Built Viral Vector Facility

World-Class Viral Vector Development and Manufacturing Facility in Orange County, CA

  • Located in Costa Mesa, California approximately 5 miles from our existing campus
  • State of the Art Process Development and Quality Control Laboratory Space
  • World Class CGMP Manufacturing Space for Viral Vectors



Elie Hanania, Ph.D.

  • 30+ years of experience in the cell & gene therapy field
  • 15+ years of experience in the CDMO sector
  • Subject matter expert in process development for viral vector production, purification, & characterization
  • Extensive experience with a wide selection of viral vector products

Process Development

  • Experience with Various Vector Types
    • AAV
    • Lentiviral Vector (LVV)
    • Oncolytic Viruses
      • HSV
      • Adenovirus
    • Exosomes
    • Others
  • Offering a Wide Range of Viral Vector Characterization Assays
  • Develop and/or Tech Transfer:
    • Assays
      • Platform
      • Client-Specific
    • Viral Vector Production
    • Viral Vector Purification
    • Generation of Bulk Drug Substance
  • Optimize and Transfer Processes to CGMP Manufacturing
  • Optimize and Transfer Analytical Assays to Quality Control
  • Site-Wide Support for Client-Related Viral Vector Programs

CGMP Viral Vector Manufacturing

  • CGMP Cell & Viral Banking
  • Bioreactor Capacity
    • Train A:
      • 500L Single-Use HyPerforma DynaDrive Bioreactor Capacity
      • Capable of adding up to a 3,000L Single-Use Bioreactor or Adherent Fixed-Bed Bioreactors
    • Train B:
      • Master & Working Cell Banking
      • Suspension Culture
        • Capable 50L & 500L Single-Use HyPerforma DynaDrive Bioreactor Capacity
      • Adherent Culture
        • Capable of up to 40 CS10s or 20 HS36s Batch Sizes
  • Semi-Automated Fill & Finish Capabilities
    • SKAN PSI-M Isolator
    • Up to 2,000 Vials Per Session
  • QA Product Release Testing

Viral vector production and manufacturing experience

Upcoming Events:

Meet us March 20th – 23rd, 2023  in Boston, MA at

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Meet us May 16th – 20th, 2023  in Los Angeles, CA at

ASGCT 26th Annual Meeting

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