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We are expanding and are committed to providing the best services for our clients.

Avid Bioservices is expanding capacity and service offerings to meet growing demands. Our company has manufactured commercial biologics since 2005 and has produced more than 150 commercial batches of drug substance using mammalian cell culture. Our commercially manufactured products are marketed in over 90 countries. See how we’re staying ahead of strong demand to create more available capacity for our clients.


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Phase 1: June Update

In June, Stego Wrap is laid across the entire floor as a vapor barrier to lock out moisture. The Construction team then applied a layer of sand over the Stego Wrap prior to installing rebar. Diamond blockouts were placed around each of the future support columns to ensure easy separation between the column and slab. Next, concrete was poured, smoothed, and marked with a running chalk line. From there, crews began erecting steel as the primary support for the cleanroom ceiling panels and all ancillary components for the mezzanine and air handler units (AHUs). Construction crews also prepped the mezzanine for concrete by installing rebar to reinforce the platform.

Phase 1: July Update

In July, Construction crews poured the concrete platform for the mezzanine, which will house the air handler units (AHUs) for DSP2. Crews also installed steel structures, as well as the vent systems that will eventually connect to the AHUs. This was followed by placement of support for ducting, piping, AHUs, and AES cleanroom ceilings. Finally, crews installed insulation around the ducts that will be connected to the AHUs located on top of the mezzanine.

Phase 1: August Update

In August, Construction crews installed the AHUs on the mezzanine and began installation of the AES Clean Technology ceilings for DSP2. Mounts were then placed on the floor, allowing the crew to make excellent progress on the installation of walls.  Finally, additional work was executed on the placement of ducting and lights throughout DSP2.

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